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Power Systems

Testing, Maintenance, Replacement.

ITS's proactive services for Total Battery Care. We offers a full range of maintenance services for UPS battery systems, designed to maximizing battery performance and unit uptime.

ITS offers both battery replacement and battery maintenance programs for customers with any form of battery supported UPS. Our dedicated Customer Engineers work closely with approved supply chain partners to assess specific customer requirements, creating a replacement or maintenance program incorporating suitable battery types, lifespan and performance characteristics, as well as replacement or maintenance schedules that maximize business continuity. This service will protect battery supported equipment, ensuring it can rely on adequate battery back-up.

Secure your Investment, Quality batteries are an integral part of your critical power system. In order to maintain maximum uptime and protect your investment, regular inspections are advised.

ITS's battery maintenance, replacement and upgrade programs are carried out by expert, Customer Engineers and adhere to IEEE Standards as well as OEM specifications and requirements. ITS Customer Engineers inspect batteries for:

Loose connections


Leaking or cracked cells


High temperature

Potential load loss.

All battery-related services also include system testing and maintenance. ITS offers full-string replacement of battery systems, including expert installation of new cells, as well as certified recycling of used batteries. All battery maintenance and replacement work including disposal is also compliant with all local relevant environmental requirements.

A battery maintenance contract with ITS means: On-site inspections Periodic testing and assessment of batteries Operating environment check including ambient temperature measurement Battery cleaning Measurement of internal cell impedance test, for battery aging status Battery disposal and certification. A proactive battery maintenance service will help maximize battery efficiency and minimize risk of downtime. Furthermore, by planning a regular preventive maintenance schedule, you will benefit from extended battery life and you will also be able to formulate an adequate replacement schedule

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